Saturday, July 07, 2007

In London

How wonderful to have arrived in London at R's gorgeous apartment after a bit of a manic morning! Is there anything better while travelling than a normal shower (ie, one that doesn't flood or cut out or go cold or get walked in upon halfway through by a yeti), with a full leg shave and hair wash? Nope!

Dublin was brilliant. Spending three days with beautiful Ruth was really special - such good catching up - with her treating me to taking me around some of the best of the city and country. One day was spent on the best pub crawl, drinking creamy Guinness at the oldest watering holes, so full of character and charm. Another included a divine lunch at Dublin's top restaurant, then drinking at all the posh places - gentleman's clubs and swanky hotels. In the dark we drove down to the south to stay at a farmhouse. An incredible experience, to wake up in a big fluffy bed overlooking the rainswept beach, and to cook a full Irish breakfast. Memo to self: must learn how to make Irish soda bread. Then we visited some historic, mystical magical place that we'll definitely come back to for more.

It was colder than home and when the rain stopped for a minute I even began to praise how mild it was - oh dear! That's what spending time in this god foresaken weather will do to you!

We laughed, drank, really talked. A rare gift.

And now in London. May the sun peep out for just a few last moments of my northern summer. And then it'll be the anticipation of hugs and kisses with nearest and definitely dearest.


Blogger parisian cowboy said...

eh eh eh .... Dublin seems fun. Always wanted to go there.

6:36 am  
Blogger The Late Bloomer said...

I've never been to Dublin either. You really knew how to make the best of it! I love the image of waking up in that house.

1:14 am  

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