Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Say Saregna, You Say Saronno, Should We Just Call The Whole Thing Off?

The train from Como to Ruths cousins place somewhere between Como and Milan was one of those surreal life experiences. We had the whole compartment involved, the United Nations as it were, everyone managing to communicate somehow that we had no idea where we were and that meeting her, already called off the night before as it was impossible to with the crazy transport, may not be happening again, but, for the millionth time in three days, we made it.

We had a gorgeous lunch with her cousin who has been living just outside of Milan with her typically gorgeous Italian boyfriend, before hopping on the train and saying our hurried goodbyes at Centrale. Now Im in Bologna, just for the day, to eat massive amounts of tortellini and then tomorrow, The Mall in Florence. Tomorrow night, the overnight train to Bretagne. Oh Italy, how I love you.


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