Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Spent 1 hour of the 9 hour Sydney-Bankgok leg of the 22 hour flight over here seriously calculating how to afford business class next time. "One less coffee a week, one less 'go-on-treat-yourself' lunch or dress...". You know me, I LOVE flying, but it was torture. A full flight, so cramped, very hard. Luckily I had a sweet couple from Adelaide on the way to Bangkok and then to London a lovely English-French moneyed-up-but-$US2-a-night-is-way-too-much-to-spend-on-hotels hippy who sealed our short friendship with the eternal backpackers gift, a beaded shell string bracelet from Laos.
My new toy is a wonderful 8 megapixel digital SLR camera. It was $799 (a grand in Bangkok). It feels just like a film SLR and I love it. They dont even sell the latter anymore. Fingers crossed the photos are as great as the camera, or that they even turn out.


Blogger Jules said...

OK, details - what kind of camera is it?

As for the business class thing... I'm thinking that it is better to buy your ticket and use FF miles to upgrade to business class (rather than use FF miles for the ticket in economy).

Urgh. Long haul. Not fun.

4:43 pm  
Blogger eurobrat said...

re: the flight- bad luck! I always found flights to and from Australia hellish because they are so long. At least you are on your way to Europe!

I MUST get a digital camera. I've been using my crappy cell phone camera, but the time has come to face up to 21st century photographic technology.

12:53 am  

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