Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Arrived in Palermo yesterday afternoon, and you know youre back in the big city. Its huge, traffic is crazy, the streets are dusty and Ive already had a coffee with the Mafia. But more on that with more time.

Today I spent the day in Cefalu, a gorgeous old town 45 minutes east of Palermo with a stunning beach. It was one of those blissful moments that lasted all day, swimming in the refreshing cool sea, the water crystal clear and blue, baking on the scorching sand, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful Italians and their cherub children. Lunch of carpaccio of all different kinds of fish, more cold beer, and then a big fat gelato, before another dip in the ocean. Bliss.


Blogger Deep Kick Girl said...

I didn't realise this trip was a tour of all the beaches of Italy frequented by the bronzed and the beautiful. Are you going anywhere that doesn't have a beach? You know how beyond bad my geography is.

It's certainly not beach weather here. On the weekend we had two a/c units, three oil column heaters and the newly purchased rotating fan heater all going at the same time and the house was just warm enough to keep me happy. If anyone wants to know why we need to go to nuclear power just ask me. I'm single handedly depleating the world's coal supplies as we speak.

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